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Amy Lichtenstein

Amy Lichtenstein

Amy Lichtenstein knows how to build strong client relationships. Having been in business for over two decades, she knows how to keep her clients happy and have then become repeat clients.  Using social media to keep in touch with her clients, Amy Lichtenstein is able to keep the relationship strong. Amy Lichtenstein is always available to assist her clients and is able to clearly assess her clients’ needs and create a specialized focus group to fit those needs.

Amy Lichtenstein's Background

Amy Lichtenstein's Experience

Founder at Lichtenstein Research

August 1992 - Present | Chicago, IL, USA

Amy Lichtenstein is a recruitment expert who lives in Chicago, Illinois. Amy Lichtenstein established a market research recruitment group in 1992, Lichtenstein Research that specializes in difficult and time-consuming focus group projects. Clients appreciate Amy Lichtenstein’s ability to produce quality material quickly and find qualified and competent people to participate in focus groups. Amy Lichtenstein is always accessible to her clients. With her company, Lichtenstein Research, now nationwide, Amy Lichtenstein is a leader in the recruitment field.

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